Pitch Eye

Sequence Visualization Tool

Pitch Eye is a java based web tool for aggregation and visualization a sequence relative information.

A sequence can be retrieved through available BioMoby services or introduced manually (typed, pasted or dragged). User is offered to execute various BioMoby services from available list. Where possible, results are aligned with original sequence.

Moby Miner

Database Object Browser

Moby Miner is a java applet for biological data visualization and retrieval.

BioNemus : Web Services generation tool

BioNemus is a web services generation tool based on BioMoby services' descriptions. The tool works directly with BioMoby Registry servers and generates Document/Literal SOAP 1.1 web services that act as a proxy to original BioMoby counterparts. It also preserves BioMoby annotations as Semantical Annotaions. Apart of SOAP-based web services it can also generate HTTP-based ones (REST). It is also possible to create new web services from scratch or based on BioMoby datatype ontology.

The output is a standard JAX-WS based web application that can be run on any compatible Java Application Server. The proxy supports both synchronous and asynchronous modes through WS-Addressing.

OWL 2 ontology based XML Schema generation tool