Web applications

MobyLite Perl API

A Lightweight Perl API to use BioMOBY services.

General documentation

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BioMoby Lightweight Java API

JAX-WS based BioMOBY Java API.

The Algorithmic Support Unit at the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre hosts the INB Computational Bioinformatics Node (GN6).

This node will provide the computational resources needed, including hardware specifically intended to the INB, the databases, servers and necessary computacional methods.

The group will have to develop internal and external INB services, and build maps for computational methods, databases and general and specific repositories.

They will also support other nodes in the development and implementation of new methods.

Development team

  • Josep Lluís Gelpí Buchaca
  • Romina Royo Garrido
    Workflow and Web Services Development
  • Dmitry Repchevski
    Workflow and Services Development
  • Laia Codó
    Workflow and Services Development

Support team

  • Modesto Orozco
  • Pau Andrio Balado
    Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics
  • Montserrat Puiggròs
    Computational genomics