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BioSWR supports BioMoby services as usual SOAP ones. It provides SAWSDL BioMoby ontology integration with BioMoby WSLD 2.0 descriptors.

Because BioMoby services are quite different from standard WSDL-based ones, there is no possibility to register them from BioSWR Web interface provided. The only way to register a BioMoby service is through the BioSWR REST API. The only thing that is needed to register the BioMoby service is its LSID identifier. BioSWR automatically consults various BioMoby Central registries to obtain appropriate service description.

The most interesting part of BioMoby integration is a tinyMOBY, which was specially developed for the project. The library allows to use BioMoby WSDL 2.0 descriptors for BioMoby Web services execution avoiding the need to work with original BioMoby Central repository directly.

tinyMOBY is not a stand-alone library, but an extension for the tinyWSDL WSDL 2.0 parser, which is a core component of the BioSWR. tinyMOBY also relies on MobyCore and MobyCentral libraries for BioMoby integration. It also uses tinyXMSchema tinyWSDL extension (distributed along with tinyWSDL), which is based on Apache XML Schema 2.0 library. BioMoby ontology parsing is implemented using The OWL API.

To simplify distribution, package that contains all dependent libraries is provided.