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User manual


BioSWR is a single page Web 2.0 application designed to be simple for users. BioSWR intention is to provide the bioinformatics community with high-quality, properly annotated Web services descriptions in diverse formats. This objective requires a manual curation, thus only authorized users are allowed to register and annotate the services.


The header is used to proceed with the login. The BioSWR label may be used to come back to the application (for instance from this manual). The label is also used to manifest an active AJAX interaction being performed.

Figure 1. BioSWR header

Registered users may register their services using register service menu figure 2.. To register a new service with BioSWR, the URL for the WSDL 1.1/2.0 description must be provided. Note that it is possible to register the service using BioSWR REST API directly.

Figure 2. Register service input

The central part of the interface is occupied by the list of registered services (figure 4). To facilitate service search, there are several filters that can be applied. The services may be filtered by their semantic annotations (figure 3.), status, type or the name. Note that service description file may contain several services and thus the number of registered services may differ from the number of registered description files.

Figure 3. Most popular annotations

Figure 4. Registered services table
Figure 5. Selected service structure

Figure 6. SPARQL services filter

The list is selectable, so the user may get an additional information about the selected service (figure 5). In addition to the structural service view, a row service description file (figure 7) is available. It is possible to choose between WSDL 2.0, OWL 2/RDF or, in case of RESTful services, WADL descriptors, by clicking on the descriptor icon.

Figure 7. WSDL 2.0 service descriptor

WSDL 2.0 component selection (figure 5) shows associated semantic annotations (figure 8).

Figure 8. Semantic annotations for the describePDB service request operation

Web services annotation

Only registered users are allowed to annotate the services. The services which the user is the owner of, can be easy identified by the user icon color. Service owner may allow any registered user to perform the annotation on the service (figure 9).

Figure 9. Unlocked describePDB service

When user is authorized to annotate the service, the annotation panel (figure 10) appears. BioSWR uses EDAM (EMBRACE Data and Methods) ontology (PMID: 23479348) as a source of semantic annotations.

Figure 10. Manage semantic annotations

There are also several standard RDF annotations supported (rdfs:comment, rdfs:seeAlso and rdfs:isDefinedBy). Note that rdfs:comment is also reflected in WSDL description as wsdl:documentation. Annotations may be also removed either by the service owner or by the annotation's author.